A Glimpse Into Our Sustainable Journey

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Snapper Rock Sustainability Update 2024

Hello Snapper Rock Family,

As we near our 20th anniversary, we couldn't be prouder to share our ongoing initiatives to become more sustainable. At Snapper Rock, protecting your family from the sun has always been our mission. Now, we're extending that protection to the planet.

A Glimpse Into Our Sustainable Journey

We’ve recently launched our Resort ‘24 collection. The sustainable stars - Geo Melon and Hawaiian Luau - pair trend-setting style with our commitment to make swimwear more eco-friendly.

Snapper Rock Sustainable Collections: Geo Melon and Hawaiian Luau

40% and Growing

Building on our previous achievements in 2023, where 30% of our full collection was made with sustainable materials, we're excited to announce a noteworthy advancement for 2024. Snapper Rock is now 40% sustainable! The Geo Melon, Hawaiian Luau, Toucan Jungle, and Lighthouse Island collections mark a meaningful step forward in our commitment to sustainability. We're thrilled to share that these eco-conscious collections are now available for you to explore.

Packaging Matters

We know the little things add up, which is why all items from our sustainable collections are packaged in home compostable bags - making it easier for you to be kinder to Mother Earth. As we move further into 2024, we’re also transitioning to recycled and planet-friendly packaging across the board. We're not at 100% yet, but we're committed to getting there, one eco-step at a time.

Don't Forget About Adventurewear

Our Eco-puffers and raincoats are made from recycled PET bottles, adding a sustainable flair to your outdoor adventures.

Snapper Rock Adventurewear and Outerwear

What's Next?

We're constantly researching ways to use scrap fabrics and reduce waste.

We're working closely with our suppliers to enhance social and environmental responsibility across our supply chain.

Our Sincere Thanks

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. Your continued support allows us to make more sustainable choices, making our beaches and oceans a better place for future generations.

With love and sunshine,
The Snapper Rock Team


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