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Reef Shark LS Sunsuit More Info Reef Shark LS Sunsuit Snapper Rock B70835L-00 $50.00
Reef Shark LS Baby Set More Info Reef Shark LS Baby Set Snapper Rock B52019-03-06 $60.00
Navy Wave LS Rash Top More Info Navy Wave LS Rash Top Snapper Rock B20091L-03 $46.00
Navy SS Rash Top SALE More Info Navy SS Rash Top Snapper Rock B10126S-02 $25.00 $42
Frankie White Resort Shirt SALE More Info Frankie White Resort Shirt Snapper Rock B80001-02 $33.00 $52
Reef Shark Swim Short More Info Reef Shark Swim Short Snapper Rock B90125-03 $48.00
Snapper Rock Navy Trim Fedora SALE More Info Navy Trim Fedora Snapper Rock 645-S/M $21.00 $36
Navy Bucket Hat SALE More Info Bucket Hat Navy Snapper Rock 615-SMALL $20.00 $34
Mens Reef Shark Swim Short More Info Mens Reef Shark Swim Short Snapper Rock M90068-S $75.00

Discover the wonders of the ocean with Snapper Rock's brand-new S24 "Reef Shark" collection. This fresh and lively print, awash with watercolor blues and refreshing ocean greens, showcases the playful and graceful side of sharks. It's the perfect swimwear for Shark Week or any ocean adventure. Featuring UPF50+ swimwear, our latest collection offers optimal skin protection while celebrating the mesmerizing patterns of marine life. With a variety of options, from baby swimwear including adorable baby boy swim sets, to versatile boys swim shorts, this new release is set to becoming a standout choice in our Snapper Rock swimwear lineup for kids and babies. Whether you're captivated by the awe of marine life or gearing up for Shark Week, our latest collection ensures both style and safety for unforgettable beach moments.

Snapper Rock | UPF50+ Sun Protection Swimwear

Sun protection swimwear for the whole family from New Zealand.