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Bright swimsuits from Snapper Rock - Pop of Sunshine Collection

Having trouble spotting your kids on the beach and in the pool? Our Pop of Sunshine collection ensures your kids shine bright and stay in sight, wrapped in vibrant retro-inspired hues that make beachside supervision a breeze! And yes, it's brilliantly, unapologetically BRIGHT!


Pop of Sunshine



Bright swimsuits for toddlers.

Watch your little ones take their first steps on the beach with confidence, knowing that they not only shine in crowded areas but are also shielded from the sun's harmful rays in our UPF50+ sunsuits, long-sleeve swim sets and baby sunhats.



Pop of Sunshine

From energetic toddlers to adventurous teens, our Pop of Sunshine collection has something for every age to light up the beach with active styles that blend vibrant vintage vibes with the freedom of summer.


Pop of Sunshine - Swimsuits for tweens and teens.

Discover the Pop of Sunshine collection by Snapper Rock, where retro charm meets radiant summer hues. Perfect for girls from infants to 16 years, our swimwear is inspired by the lively spirit of the 70s. The collection bursts with bright colors, featuring a brilliant fusion of pink, yellow, and orange flowers that embody the essence of summer fun. Your child will stand out, whether at the beach or pool, with our eye-catching designs. More than just stylish, every piece in our Pop of Sunshine range is designed for comfort, lasting memories, and crucially, offers UPF50+ sun protection, ensuring your little one is safe under the sun. Dive into summer with the perfect bright swimsuit from our collection, where every day feels like a sun-soaked, joy-filled beach adventure.



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