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Meet the Makers - Concept to Coastline

At Snapper Rock we draw inspiration from many different sources to create each new season collection. As an award-winning brand, we are committed to upholding our Snapper Rock values in every step of the process. Below is an insight into some of the processes we go through to help create new and innovative collections that stand true to these values.

Hawaiian Luau Mood Board - Resort '24 Collection

From initial sketches to vibrant swatches, our passion and creativity go into every piece. From concept to coastline, we want to celebrate our artisans who make Snapper Rock the choice for sustainable, UPF50+, and stylish, sun-safe swimwear.

Ever wonder who's behind those fabulous swimsuit designs you love? It's time to shine a spotlight on the creative minds behind Snapper Rock!

Mood Board - Resort '24 Collection

Before we begin designing, we like to start with a concept or theme. This helps guide our design process and keeps our collection cohesive. For example, we might choose a theme like "Sea Creatures" or "Vintage Surf" to inspire our designs.

We look to nature, the ocean, beaches, and tropical landscapes when designing our new season prints and styles, these all offer endless inspiration for new textures, colour palettes and silhouettes. Our kid-centric silhouettes are shaped by these influences, ensuring our swimwear is not only stylish but also functional for active, young swimmers.

Float the Boat Mood Board - Resort '24 Collection

Swimwear has a long and varied history, we like to draw inspiration from vintage styles, we research old photographs, and fashion magazines to find ideas for shapes, colors, and silhouettes.

While we draw inspiration from the past, it's also important to stay up-to-date with current trends in swimwear and fashion. We like to keep an eye on what's popular on the runways, in social media, and on the beaches to ensure our designs are relevant and appealing to our customers.

Our playful yet functional silhouettes and exclusive Snapper Rock prints and patterns set our brand apart. Through various techniques like hand-drawn illustrations, digital prints, or even embroidery, we craft interesting textures and designs that give our swimwear its signature style.

We hope you've enjoyed this 'Meet the Makers' insight into the creative minds that make Snapper Rock so special. Ready for your next family adventure? Dive into our newest Resort '24 Collection Drop 1. Shop now!


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