Shark Week Activities for Kids

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Shark Week Activities for Kids - Dad and boys wearing matching shark print swimsuits.

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Shark Week is all about getting to know sharks better, supporting efforts to protect them and their environment, and clearing up any misunderstandings or myths about these incredible creatures. Here are some ways to celebrate with your kids:

Watch Shark Week Shows

Tune in to Shark Week programming on a streaming service that offers Shark Week content. Select age-appropriate shows that your kids can enjoy and learn from.

Visit an Aquarium

Take a trip to a local aquarium to see real sharks up close. Many aquariums have special exhibits and educational programs about sharks during Shark Week.

Watch LIVE: Monterey Bay Aquarium Shark Cam.

Make Shark Crafts

Shark crafts for kids

Engage your kids in shark-themed arts and crafts activities. You can create shark puppets, drawings, or even 3D paper shark models. Check out Kids Activities Blog or Pinterest for lots of Shark Craft Ideas.

Read Shark Books

Shark Week books

Read shark-themed books together. Choose books that are suitable for your kids' age and interests.

  • Board Book (Infant-3 years): Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark Board book by Jeffrey Burton
  • Picture Books (3-6 years): Misunderstood Shark by Ame Dyckman - Watch on YouTube
  • Early Reader (6-10 years): Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks! by Katie & Kevin Tsang (pictured above)
  • For Older Kids: The Shark Caller by Zillah Bethell - Listen on Audible

Make Shark Snacks

Shark themed snacks for kids

Prepare shark-inspired snacks together. For example, make shark-shaped sandwiches or shark-themed cupcakes, or have fun carving a melon into a shark and fill with healthy treats.

Share Shark Facts

Shark facts

Share interesting shark facts with your kids throughout the week. Encourage them to remember and share these facts with others.

Six Fun shark facts for 5-year-olds:

  1. Sharks are amazing swimmers and can swim really fast in the water.
  2. Sharks have a lot of teeth, and they can grow new ones if they lose any.
  3. Sharks have very good senses. They can smell things from far away and hear sounds underwater.
  4. Sharks are always moving. They don't sleep like we do, but they rest while they swim.
  5. Sharks eat fish and other sea animals. They have a special sixth sense called "electroreception" that helps them find their prey.
  6. Sharks have special skin called "denticles" that feels rough like sandpaper.

Have Fun Matching

Make Shark Week extra special by dressing up in matching swimwear! Dads, check out our Mens Sunrise Shark Volleys so you can twin with your mini in style!

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