Snapper Rock Girls Swimwear


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Girls Tassel Hat More Info Girls Tassel Hat Snapper Rock 662-M/L $38.00 USD
Pink Surf Bucket Hat More Info Pink Surf Bucket Hat Snapper Rock 661-L $32.00 USD
Daisy Spot Sunglasses Baby Daisy Pink Sunglasses Snapper Rock FR050PU-OS $38.00 USD
Girls Pink Fedora Hat More Info Girls Pink Fedora Snapper Rock 660-S/M $36.00 USD
Snap on Sunnies Pack SOLD
Snap on Sunnies Pack Snapper Rock FR1000 $42.00 USD Sold Out
Candy Pink Stripe Arms Sunglasses Candy Pink Stripe Arms Sunglasses Snapper Rock FR038P-OS $38.00 USD
Swim Bag Aqua/White Stripe Swim Bag Aqua/White Stripe Snapper Rock 1802-OS $20.00 USD
Swim Bag Navy/White Stripe Swim Bag Navy/White Stripe Snapper Rock 1801-OS $20.00 USD
Swim Bag Pink/White Stripe Swim Bag Pink/White Stripe Snapper Rock 1800-OS $20.00 USD
Snapper Rock Navy Trim Fedora More Info Navy Trim Fedora Snapper Rock 645-S/M $36.00 USD
Pom Pom Sun Hat More Info Pom Pom Sun Hat Snapper Rock 636-S/M $40.00 USD
Navy Bucket Hat More Info Bucket Hat Navy Snapper Rock 615-SMALL $34.00 USD
Bucket Hat Pink More Info Bucket Hat Pink Snapper Rock 614-S $34.00 USD
Bucket Hat White More Info Bucket Hat White Snapper Rock 613-S $34.00 USD
Sustainable White LS Wrap Crop Top More Info Sustainable White LS Wrap Crop Top Snapper Rock G20057L-04 $48.00 USD
White Neon Tassel Kaftan More Info White Neon Tassel Kaftan Snapper Rock G11042-02 $54.00 USD
White Flutter Sleeve Rash Top More Info White Flutter Sleeve Rash Top Snapper Rock G10109S-02 $42.00 USD
Spearmint Spot Triangle Bikini SOLD
More Info
Spearmint Spot Triangle Bikini Snapper Rock G15119-08 $46.00 USD Sold Out
Sky Dye Frilled Bandeau Bikini More Info Sky Dye Frilled Bandeau Bikini Snapper Rock G15117-02 $50.00 USD

We've got every beach girl covered this summer.  Choose from mix n match UPF50+ rash tops, bikinis, swimsuits, tankinis, surf-suits, cover ups, hats, sunglasses and accessories.  There is a print and style for our littlest beach goers through to tweens and teens.  Make it a Snapper Rock Summer.


Snapper Rock | UPF50+ Sun Protection Swimwear

Sun protection swimwear for the whole family from New Zealand.